Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Successful Dieter's Secret


There are all kinds of ideas out there on the foods you should be eating to lose weight.

Eat this, don't eat that- only eat these foods with these foods, and with all of that advice what should you listen to and which of that is going to be successful for you?

Unfortunately, we are all different, which means that one idea might work for someone and might not work for someone else. It is the battle that we fight against an expanding waistline every single day.

There is one piece of advice out there that will work for you.

When in doubt eat more protein.

Protein, and especially animal based protein, is one of the biggest assets in your diet. It contains all of the essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth. If you have more muscle on your body that means that your body will burn more calories when you are kicking back.

It will also promote an increased oxygen in blood cells, healthy bones, as well has help boost your immune system.

With a food source like that on this earth it would make you wonder why we would need to eat anything else.

What comes as a bit of a shock to the diet industry is that a lot of the popular diets out there do not stress this idea. They are too busy worrying about the consumption of carbohydrates and fats they it almost goes over looked.

For many of those diets protein consumption is only about 30% of your total caloric intake with fats and carbohydrates battling it out for the remaining 70%.

Everyone is so worried about the proper balance of fats and carbohydrates that they miss an idea- eat more protein.

Since protein is this miracle food why not make it 35% or 40% of your daily caloric intake. Even nutrition experts say that you should only eat a certain amount per day because it is all the body needs and can handle with the rest of it being stored as fat, but everything that you eat can be stored as fat. Why not roll the dice and make sure that you get enough in your diet. If you consume too much protein it will be burned as energy, and if there is still excess after that it will be stored as fat.

Then, if you are an active person that number should reflect that activity. If you are a weight lifter and you are only eating protein to cover 30% of your caloric intake then it is possible that you might not be getting enough.

Successful dieters eat more protein. It helps build and repair muscle, which speeds metabolism, not to mention the other health benefits that also comes from eating this group of foods.

The best advice you can get, when in doubt- eat more protein.

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